Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are here presented in order to inform, advise all our future or present candidates/clients about important details that can affect you and all next to you while participating in a sail course or charter or any other activity organized by SeaWings, lda.

All the details, requirements, and acceptance of this terms and conditions have the objective of preserve safety, for each and everyone that is related as candidate, client or instructor with/for SeaWings.

Please inform SeaWings about:

Health details:

- Please detail any medical condition or treatment being received such as epilepsy, disability, giddy spells, asthma, diabetes, angina, or other heart condition, neck or spinal injury. (if none write none in your booking form).

- Illness or medical conditions may not necessarily prevent you from taking part, however if you are in any doubt about your fitness to take part in any practical aspect of a course please consult with your doctor who should be able to advise.

- We are happy to assist your doctor in detailing what is required.

- I am able to swim 50 metres : Yes/No

- I am water confident : Yes/No

- If you are unable to swim, it will not necessarily prevent you from taking part, you must inform SeaWings in advance, by writing/email.

Dietary Requirements:

- For some courses meals are included, please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements in advance, on your booking form, or contact us directly by email. We can include or exclude any type of drinks/ food, if you state and inform in advance by email.

Data Protection Act 1998.

- The information presented by you will be used by SeaWings to process your booking and deal with you as a candidate/participant.

- Occasionally, photos or videos of candidates/participants can be taken for publicity purposes, including for use on our own website, emails and/or social media web pages, or the websites of co- organisers or sponsors.

- If you object any specific or in general this use, please state you do not allow the use of this in writing, by email to us, before start date of your course/charter/event.

General conditions:

1. Before booking, please satisfy yourself that you have been given adequate guidance as to the suitability of the course you are attending. If in any doubt please contact us.

2. Limited numbers of students are allowed on each course, so you are advised to check availability before submitting the booking form. Return the completed booking form as soon as your phone or email booking is made. Bookings will be acknowledged in writing or by email with course joining details.

3. The booking is provisional until the booking form and deposit is received. Provisional bookings are held for 7 days. After 7 days, the booking may be cancelled and we reserve the right to resell the place.

4. The minimum age for all courses is 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Young people between the age of 16 and 18 will require consent from their parent, guardian or employer.

5. If the course is offered outside the UK, you undertake to have and take any inoculations or medication that are necessary for that country, before and whilst travelling. Please ensure you bring personal medication and ensure the instructor / skipper responsible knows about any medical or physical condition that may affect you on the course.

6. Course enrolment does not mean that you automatically get a certificate. Students will be trained and debriefed to ensure everyone achieves their potential on the course but this may not mean that you receive a RYA certificate.

7. We welcome feedback, positive or not, as it is an opportunity for us to improve. Initially, please voice any concerns at the time to the instructor or Principal so that they can be quickly addressed.


- A 25% non-refundable deposit per person is required at the time of booking. - Settlement must be made 6 weeks before the commencement of the course; otherwise we reserve the right to resell/cancel the course.

- If you book by telephone you are fully liable for the amounts whether you confirm in writing/by email or not.

I declare that:

- I have read and accept the terms and conditions.

- I have completed the booking and medical details to the best of my knowledge and I am fit to participate in the course.

- I wish to book on the above named course(s) and I enclose a payment for the deposit/course fee or sent proof of payment by email.

- Signed & Date – must be present in booking form.

- If under 18, this must be signed by a parent/guardian

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