RYA stands for the - Royal Yachting Association - which is the UK's national association for all forms of recreational, professional and competitive boating.

RYA's training schemes for powered and sailing craft provide qualifications for skippers, instructors and water sports professionals worldwide.

The RYA qualifications are the most recognised maritime qualifications in the world, with the RYA Yachtmaster being regarded as the pinnacle of this highly successful sail training scheme and being recognised as a fully commercial certificate of competence in many parts of the world.

Recreational sailors will find that most charter companies will understand and recognise the standards that are represented by RYA courses and qualifications..

Our Certified Training Centre - SeaWings - offers RYA training courses for motoryachts, sailing yachts and powerboatsd (RIBs).


Our instructors speak different languages (French, Portuguese) but all the RYA courses are taught in English.


RYA Training Centre - Marítimo Turistica,Lda.
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